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Native to Kentucky, but legally distilled anywhere in America, bourbon is a straight whiskey made from at least 51% corn grain mash. By law, bourbon must be distilled at less than 160 proof, made without additives, and aged in new, charred white oak barrels. A minimum of two years’ aging is required to call the liquor “straight bourbon.”

While bourbon may be made anywhere in the United States, it is strongly associated with the American South in general, Kentucky in particular.

Tennessee Sour Mash
Similar to bourbon, these whiskeys are filtered through maple charcoal chunks in a process that gives them a smoky flavor of cigarette ashes or chimney soot.

Flavored Bourbon
As with vodkas and rums, many whiskey distillers are now flavoring their spirits with honey, cinnamon, apple, maple syrup and more. According to market researchers, flavored whiskeys are the fastest growing segment of the bourbon industry in the 21st century.


1792 Ridgemont Reserve
Ancient Age
Basil Hayden's
Benjamin Prichard's
Black Maple Hill
Black Reserve
Breckenridge Bourbon
Buffalo Trace
Cabin Still
Cedar Ridge Iowa Bourbon
Cleveland Breaker Bourbon
Collier and McKeel
Corner Creek
Dancing Pines
Daniel Stewart
Eagle Rare
Early Times
Echo Springs
Elijah Craig
Elmer T. Lee
Evan Williams
Fighting Cock
Four Roses
Garrison Brothers
George Dickel
George T. Stagg
Hancock's President's Reserve
Heaven Hill
Henry McKenna
Hillrock Solera
Hudson Baby
I. W. Harper
J. T. S. Brown
J. W. Dant
Jack Daniel's
Jefferson's Bourbon
Jim Beam
Johnny Drum
Kentucky Gentleman
Kentucky Tavern
Kentucky Vintage
Knob Creek
Maker's Mark
Mattingly & Moore
McAfee's Benchmark
Noah's Mill
Old Bardstown
Old Charter
Old Crow
Old Fitzgerald
Old Forester
Old Grand-Dad
Old Heaven Hill
Old Pogue
Old Rip Van Winkle
Old Taylor
Orphan Barrel
Pappy Van Winkle
Parker's Heritage Collection
Pure Kentucky XO
Rand and Spear
Rebel Yell
Red Stag
Red State/Blue State
Rock Hill Farms
Rowan's Creek
Russell's Reserve
Sam Houston
T. W. Samuels
Ten High
Thunderbeast Baby Buffalo Bourbon
Tom Moore
Very Old Barton
Virginia Gentleman
W. L. Weller
Woodford Reserve
Wyoming Whiskey

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Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey
Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey
The Manhattan Cocktail
The Manhattan Cocktail
Kentucky Bourbon Country
Kentucky Bourbon Country
The Old Fashioned
The Old Fashioned

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